August 19, 2008

Net Neutrality - Guess the Quote!

While watching Lessig's last presentation, I thought - hey this is quite a crisp definition of Net Neutrality:  "NN guarantees access to content and applications that people want to choose, not the content and the applications that network providers choose for them."  Indeed, "neutrality is the spirit of the Internet" - so that, everybody is free to  access any web site, at anytime from anywhere.

So, from another perspective -what's the risk of a non-neutral network?
The answer is in the following quote, and I bet you'd never guess who said that:
"Would you be OK with the post office opening your mail, deciding they didn’t want to bother delivering it, and hiding that fact by sending it back to you stamped “address unknown – return to sender”? Or if they opened letters mailed to you, decided that because the mail truck is full sometimes, letters to you could wait, and then hid both that they read your letters and delayed them?"

Check your guess here! 

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  1. Hey Carmelo!

    Super nice lay out.
    I've just added to my favorites... And I'll think about a name for it!

    In bocca al lupo with your venture, good to hear you found an apt too!



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