December 10, 2009

".EU" TLD in 23 Language Characters

Now we can register a domain name with all kind of Cyrillic or Greek characters, such as "Удача.eu"(*) or "Καλήτύχη.eu"(*).  This is good news!

I frankly think it is a very good marketing idea to spread ".eu" TLD names locally.  This solution will also benefit of all the proud users of á, â, é, ê í, î, ó, ø, ö,  ø, ô, ú, ü, etc.  It is a good thing... Perhaps, not really a game changing feature, but it will help many people to use the web in their own language.
However, I doubt that such use of the ".eu" TLD will also help the global audience to reach these websites.
One issue is as obvious as important: keyboards.  Not everybody will be able to use the international characters unless clearly displayed on a keyboard.
I suppose that Internet browsers will have to start working pretty soon at some version of an integrated virtual keyboard, possibly with translation features.  It's not a bad idea to drop a request to Mozilla...

(*) Both domain names mean "Good Luck."
Please do not squat this URLs :)

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