December 13, 2009

Berlusconi's Smile Crashed - UPDATED

I woke up this morning (9 hours later than people in Italy) and I see this picture.

The person who punched Berlusconi (actually hit him with a small statue of the Milan's Duomo), Mr. Massimo Tartaglia, has been under psychological treatment for more than 10 years.  Hence, I'd rather not talk about any political significance of such violent action.

Also, I woke up this morning and I read this article on the New York Times  about how political opinions displayed on social networks are monitored by the CIA and the Department of Defense.
Here is the remainder of my considerations:
  •  On Facebook, one hour after the punch, a group in support of Massimo Tartaglia was created and over 19,000 22,000 (increased 3,000 by the time I posted this blog) people joined in the next 3 hours.  Are there so many people who hate Berlusconi?  Apparently yes... 
  • On Twitter (#Berlusconi) the event is receiving huge global coverage at a pace of about 50 twits every minute throughout the last 3 hours.  Comments are not flattering for Berlusconi who is not very loved even abroad.
  • All these people who participated in sharing or commenting the news about Berlusconi are disclosing very sensitive data about their political opinions.  Are they aware of the risk of being recorded or profiled?  I'd go on out a limb and say no...
  • Last but not least --security services where art thou?  Isn't it unbelievable that anybody could plant a jab in the face of the Italian prime minister?
UPDATE:  The group in support of Tartaglia was deleted.  Facebook groups about Berlusconi are monitored by the Government.  Fake groups in support of Berlusconi were created by changing the title of big existing groups (some created for charity).  The situation has never been so bad for freedom of speech in Italy...  not in the last 61 years.

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