October 29, 2008

Namestorming - UPDATED

We eventually picked the name for our service.  The process was lengthy and articulated, involving market research, TM clearance, multi-cultural tests, etc. etc.  Anyway - I'll "give you the baby without the pain of the birth": UKINDI - As soon as possible I will uncover the beautiful story of this name...
After incorporating the company, and before branding the product, it was critical to have some non-biased feedbacks on the name of the service.
Well, some of this feedbacks were not so excited about our name, NexTongue...  Hence we are running a last, final, ultimate and definitive round of name-storming.
We posted our query to a community of creative people, and will grant a reward to the best three names.  If you have a chance, please 
VOTE VOTE VOTE , or post your proposed name and try to win the reward ---- along with our gratitude - you name what's more important :-).

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