September 5, 2008

User Interface - Join Our Focus Group!

In case you want to complain about the upcoming "New Facebook", that's exactly what I'd love to hear from you.
Designing a useful, enjoyable and accessible User Interface (UI) is a crucial step for every web-service.  The UI represents more than the look and feel of a website.  A good UI captures the website's utility as a tool to perform specific tasks.  
Thus, if a UI is not functional, no matters how sophisticated is the technological back-end, the web-service becomes virtually useless.
We do not want to take this risk - here is why we need your help!

Next week, Ira and I will organize a focus group to analyze the user behavior, with respect to some of our competitors' websites.  If you are interested in joining the experiment, please send me a message, and I will sign you up.
The nature of the experiment requires to gather a focus group of 4-6 people, who will meet in the same physical location.  Therefore, we plan to have a meeting in the Stanford area.  
After trying different web-sites, we will start an open discussion and all participants will be asked to comment individually on certain specific web-features or designs.
I promise you will enjoy it.  
Besides, it is going to be an opportunity to discuss about web design, meeting interesting people and the event includes a social side: some food and drinks all together.  
We look forward to having you in our first UI focus group!

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